If you lost all of your data tomorrow what would it cost you to replace it? Backing up your important data such as pictures, word documents, spreadsheets, and financial records is essential. Every hard drive will crash sooner or later and recovering from a loss of important data can be difficult if not impossible. Studies show that 60% of companies who lose their corporate data due to a failure go out of business withing 6 months. Could you survive if you lost your Quickbooks, Peachtree, or documents completly? Think that thumb drive or tape backup copy will save you? What if your office burns to the ground, blows away in a hurricane, or someone steals all of your computers and backups? What if when you go to recover your lost data the only copy you have is corrupted and useless? We have a safe and secure solution to data backup, WebKraft Online Backup Solutions.Here are a few reasons you should be using our services today:




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